A Recipe for Disaster

Bonjour my little chicken nuggets! My name is Gordon Bleurgh – yes, that’s right, the very, very WORLD FAMOUS CHEF, Gordon Bleurgh – and I am here to tell you all about a magnifique new recipe I am planning.

08 October 2019 | |

Gordon Bleurgh to visit Mr Gotalot’s Pop Up Shop

I plan to cook and present it to the Queen of England on her birthday… but, zut alors! I have spilt some tomato ketchup on my notes, and cannot read the ingredients!! QUELLE DISASTER!

I remember it was a VERY COLOURFUL recipe… there were RED strawberries, and YELLOW cheese, and maybe, some especially stinky GREEN EGGS… but what else? I do not know!! How will I complete my recipe now? If only I had the help of some willing mini-chefs – we could CHOP, PINCH, STIR and ROLL the ingredients all together to create this superb dish!

Ah! I think I will visit the fine shopkeeper, Mr Gotalot – he is sure to have the answer to my dilemma in his amazing Pop Up Shop – maybe I will see you there? Try the Zion on Wednesday 9th October – their food is always totally YUMMY, don’t you know… ALLONS-Y!

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