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About Us

Who are Monkey Trousers Theatre?

Charlotte Whitten and Fran Lewis write, produce and perform original shows for children's theatre in and around Bristol. They are the creators of the interactive storytelling adventure for preschoolers, Mr Gotalot's Pop Up Shop, and the hugely popular theatrical sitcom for children and families, Mr Gotalot's Gotalot Shop.

Fran Lewis, Creative Director, Monkey Trousers Theatre.

Fran Lewis

The first book that Fran ever wrote was about six pages long and mainly involved her characters being stranded on desert island with only a family of sentient coconuts for company. Thankfully, her writing has somewhat evolved (and hopefully improved) since then, and she now spends a great deal of her time concocting stories for Monkey Trousers Theatre about Mr Gotalot and his magical shop.

Charlotte Whitten, Creative Director, Monkey Trousers Theatre.

Charlotte Whitten

Charlotte is co-Creative Director and Lead Puppeteer at Monkey Trousers Theatre. Her performance career began in London on the New Act circuit for stand-up comedians. Moving into sketch comedy and sitcom writing, she was then shortlisted in the 1997 Channel Four Sitcom Writing Competition.

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