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Almost Show Time…

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It's February, which can only mean one thing... it's almost show time!! Our brand new Gotalot adventure will be at the Wardrobe Theatre at the end of the month - read on to find out what's in store...

01 February 2020 | |

There are a lot of things to do when you create a new show. First you have to write it (done!), then you have to learn lines and block it (er, sort of done!), plus you have to source or make props, costumes and set, and sort out the marketing, rehearse, rehearse, rehearse, and finally, get it to the point when you reckon it’s ready for people to see it. Phew!

Right now, we’re at the learning lines/rehearsing stage. This is quite fun, as we always try to make sure that there are plenty of visually interesting things going on – so it’s not just me and Charlotte talking at each other for an hour (though if anyone would like to pay us to do that… let us know). For example, the other day we choreographed a slow-motion comic-book-style fight between a tiny puppet and one of the other characters. It was great! We’ve done this before in our show The Great British Cheese Off, and it worked so well, we’re bringing it back again.

We also like to have very colourful props and costumes – the crazier and more vibrant, the better! Plus we’ve got some new characters popping into the shop this time… who do you think this one might be?

A new character for our show!

There’ll be plenty of things for our audiences to look forward to… our fans will notice that we’ve updated our Mr Gotalot theme tune, though you’ll still be able to sing along, of course!

The best way to find out what it’s all about, is to come along to the Wardrobe Theatre on Saturday 29th February and see one of the The Cheese Party shows we’re doing that day. We’re performing at 11am and 2pm, so if you’d like to meet me, Charlotte, and Mr Gotalot himself, book your tickets by clicking HERE!

Keep an eye out for more news about The Cheese Party this month!

Thanks for reading!

Fran x

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