Barnet is BACK

Barnet is BACK!

Hello! Most people know me as Fran... but did you know I'm also a horrible old lady called Ms Mildew Barnet? Yes, that's right, the landlady of Mr Gotalot's Gotalot Shop who really loves cheese and is mean to Sidney the shop boy - it's me!

22 January 2020 |

I play lots of characters in the Pop Up Shop, but my most favourite one EVER is Ms Barnet, from Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop.

It’s a lot of fun playing a villain – I get to shout at everyone, and stomp about the stage in my big boots.

I really like putting on some crazy make-up too: usually blue eye shadow, bright pink cheeks, and big red lips! Ms Barnet thinks she’s very beautiful… not many people agree…

Beautiful Ms Barnet

She’s certainly not a nice person. She likes to call children ‘stinky losers’ and ‘smelly mice’. She’s always trying to get more money from poor Mr Gotalot. But the thing she loves most in all the world is: CHEESE.

Ms Barnet has cheese for breakfast, lunch and dinner. And as a bedtime snack. And she keeps it in her pockets… and in her HAIR! Frightful.

So if you see Ms Barnet, then run the other way, before she shouts at you, or steals your cheese.

But you can always say hello to me! Oh by the way – have you got any cheese…?

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Fran Lewis

Fran spends a great deal of her time concocting stories for Monkey Trousers Theatre about Mr Gotalot and his magical shop.

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