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Behind the Scenes

Have a sneaky peek at what goes on behind the scenes while we film for our new online channel, Gotalot TV

04 August 2020 |

Oh hey! What are you both up to right now?

Hello! We are currently getting everything ready to launch our new online channel, Gotalot TV. This means we have to film and edit lots of content. Filming is very different to acting in the theatre. If we go wrong (it happens quite a lot, ha ha) then we can do it again! Editing takes a while, but we want to make sure the videos look AMAZING.

And… action! Mr G gets ready for his close up

You must be very busy. Where do you do the filming? 

I wish we could say we have a huge, fancy studio with all the latest technology… but no! We have the corner of a kitchen and a very good video camera! Then we just use our laptops to edit the videos.

The kitchen studio

Blimey! Who does your hair and make-up? You look superb!

Thank you very much! We do our own hair and make-up. We like to make it as big and colourful and bright as possible. It’s important to really stand out on camera, and it fits in with the crazy world of Mr Gotalot, which is very cartoonish.

Your costumes are very good too.

Thanks again! We’re using a lot of costume we already had for our main shows and the Pop Up Shop. We can add lots of accessories now we’re not on stage. And we can also do ‘special effects’… like when we needed Sidney to have a peg leg for the pirate hokey-cokey… amazing how effective a broom handle in a shoe can be!

Peg leg broom handle magic

Wow, you are both extremely clever! What have you got in store for us then?

We have so many ideas about what to do… lots of songs, games, sketches… plus episodes of the Gotalot Shop sitcom starring Mr G, Sidney and Ms Barnet… there’ll be lots of new characters as well as your favourites. The possibilities are endless!

I hope you’ve got enough room in your kitchen…

So do we!

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