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Oh hey, friends! We just wanted to say that we really appreciate all the support we’ve had so far from our brilliant Gotalot fans – in these crazy times it’s heartening to know that there are folk out there who value what we do! As a proudly independent and self-sustaining creative company, it’s been a difficult year for us to keep afloat, especially as live theatre performances are still subject to strict guidelines… which makes it just a bit trickier for us to continue producing our amazing theatrical shows and interactive adventures.

So, you may have noticed that we’ve shifted our efforts online – by creating an exciting brand new YouTube channel for families, called Gotalot TV! It’s been a challenge for us to create innovative content from scratch, and to launch it to our discerning audience, all while parenting, and merely existing during a global pandemic – but we’re doing it, and we’re really chuffed with what we’ve achieved so far – and we hope you’re enjoying it too!

Check out Gotalot TV!

However, for us to be able to progress with Gotalot TV, we’re going to need a bit more than your warm and fuzzy thoughts… it takes cold, hard cash to keep Monkey Trousers Theatre running, and we’re low on that right now.

While we work on figuring out how to reach a wider audience and essentially monetising our new project, we are very simply asking that if you can spare a few quid, please, please donate to our company, and spread the word – the more, the merrier!

If Mr G has ever wowed your kids, or you’ve booed/hissed at Ms Barnet, or laughed along with Sidney… or if you’ve ever sang our extremely catchy theme tune, or joined in with the games in a Pop Up Shop, or even just thought that what we do is valid and entertaining and vital – please donate!

It’s very easy – just click on the donation button, and then bask in the golden glow of supporting a creative company during this time of mass upheaval! Go you!

Thank you for reading, and lots of love

From Fran, Charlotte, and Mr Gotalot

Thank you!