Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to us! - Monkey Trousers Theatre

Happy (slightly belated) Birthday to us!

It's been FIVE WHOLE YEARS since our first ever show, The Pants of Power!

10 April 2020 |

Yes, that’s right, on Saturday 4th April 2015, Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop opened its doors for the very first time at the Kelvin Players Studio Theatre. Our audiences were introduced to cheeky chappy Sidney the shop boy, the cantankerous old landlady Ms Barnet, and of course, the marvellous Mr G himself!

Children's Theatre Show Bristol The Pants of Power Mr Gotalot
A pre-eyebrow Mr G…!

Our debut adventure was called The Pants of Power – a story about a superhero searching for some very special underwear… oh, we had lots of fun making LOADS of pants for the show – there were flowery pants, smelly pants, big pants, furry pants, metal pants – and of course, the SUPER AMAZING Pants of Power! Can you remember what they looked like?

Mr Gotalots Shop The Pants of Power Super Alan
Does Super Alan have his powerful pants on? 

That first show did so well that we almost immediately started work on our second brilliant show, The Snot Rocket, and then the third, and the fourth… and wow! Look at us, five years later, performing at Bristol’s premier fringe venue The Wardrobe Theatre with our EIGHTH fantastic production, The Cheese Party (Saturday 4th July, Gotalot fans).

Some things don’t change: Sidney is still bouncy, Ms Barnet is still a rotten old lady, Mr G still likes a good cup of tea, and the Gotalot Shop still sells anything and everything you could ever think of, ever, ever, EVER. But we think our shows have got bigger and better, more silly and more fun, with plenty to delight little kids and big kids alike – and YES – there’s always CHEESE.

Monkey Trousers children's theatre preschool class
Did someone say cheese…?

So we just wanted to say an enormous squishy THAAAANK YOU to all the wonderful folk who’ve helped and supported us these past five years – way too many to list here, but please know that we love and cherish every single one of you.

And to our super-smashing audiences – you are what keep us going! Quite literally! So please, stick with us during these crazy times, and hopefully we’ll get to do another five years (at least) (maybe more) (I mean, Mr G is quite old) (don’t worry, we’ll get him some stronger tea).

Mr G’s first ever selfie!

Happy fifth birthday to us! For some fond memories and cosy nostalgia, check out our past shows here. 

What has been your best Monkey Trousers Theatre memory? Let us know in the comments below!!

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