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It’s Gotalot TV!

We are SO EXCITED to let you all in on a little secret... 

04 August 2020 |

Obviously with the whole country in lockdown, we haven’t been able to run our hugely popular Mr Gotalot’s Pop Up Shop interactive adventures, or perform our amazingly fantastic theatrical show The Cheese Party – sad face – but never fear! Because, after some pondering and much stroking of chins, we have come up with an EPIC PLAN!

How would you like to watch Mr G, and Fran and Charlotte, and Sidney and Ms Barnet, and all the other totally crazy characters from the Gotalot Shop world, on your telly or your computer or your phone or your tablet, any time you like??

Oh, you would? Well of course!

Therefore may we introduce… GOTALOT TV!

Gotalot TV the new children's theatre online channel

New Children’s Online Theatre Channel!

A brand new online channel for all things Gotalot, where anything and everything can happen!

You’ll be able to sing songs with Marina the Mermaid, dance like a pirate with Captain Bushybeard, watch famous chef Gordon Bleaurgh invent a tasty new dish, catch up on all the latest Gotalot Shop silliness with Sidney the shop boy, and of course, check out Mr Gotalot himself as he tries to keep up with his customer’s demands… plus much, much more!

Children's theatre online with Gotalot TV
Will you walk the plank with Captain Bushybeard?

Sounds brilliant, right?

We are busy filming lots of content for you to watch, and you’ll be able to feast your eyes and ears very soon – all you need to do for now is subscribe to our Gotalot TV YouTube channel, and sign up to the exclusive Gotalot TV audience newsletter – we’d also love to hear your thoughts, so please take a moment to fill in this short survey too.

Meanwhile, check out the rest of our super-tip-top website for more Monkey Trousers fun!

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