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THE ORIGINAL THEATRICAL sitcom for families.

Monkey Trousers Theatre presents Mr Gotalot's Gotalot Shop. Here's Mr Gotalot.Need something new? Something unusual? Something you cannot find anywhere else? Then step inside the magical Gotalot Shop where you can buy anything and everything. Just ask the endearing puppet shopkeeper Mr Gotalot and he will provide. Aided by his ever-eager shop boy Sidney, there is nothing they cannot find. But their conniving landlady Ms Barnet is determined to evict them and open her own beloved cheese emporium. Will they be able to provide their customers with what they need before the meddling Ms Barnet arrives to collect her rent?

Customers in Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop so far have been:

#1 – the pants of power (April / May 2015)

The very first customer in the Gotalot Shop, Super Alan, is a superhero who has broken his pants of power. Without such awesome pants he is no longer able to perform the daring deeds required of a superhero, leaping tall buildings, fighting off bears and saving stuck kittens from the tops of trees. Mr Gotalot and his ever eager shop boy, Sidney, would love to help, but the cantankerous landlady, Ms Barnet has turned up and is demanding her rent immediately. She wants a very rare and valuable Itty Bitty Kitty right now or she will close down the shop. Can Mr Gotalot find Super Alan the right pants for the job? Will they fit? And how will they ever find such a rare kitten in time? Perhaps Super Alan can help.

“It was sensational! That rare and beautiful thing when only three people can command a stage and have you in stitches from start to finish. Something for the whole family to enjoy.” (Mumsnet Bristol on The Pants of Power, April 2015)

#2 – the snot rocket (June / July 2015)

Captain Andromeda, professional space explorer and official representative of the Galactic Federation, is out of fuel and stranded in outer space. She has managed to fly her transport shuttle down to the Gotalot Shop but, once again, Ms Barnet is threatening to evict Mr Gotalot if she does not receive her rent immediately. This time she is after a very rare and unusual species of bear, the Fuzzy Wuzzy Moon Bear. Fortunately a professional space explorer is on hand, but she is out of fuel. Will Mr Gotalot and Sidney be able to get Captain Andromeda back on her way? Will they save the shop from the clutches of Ms Barnet and find that Fuzzy Wuzzy Moon Bear in time?

“I loved Mr Gotalot, but mostly I loved all of it!” (Katie, aged 5)

#3 – the chinchilla thriller (Sept / Oct 2015)

There’s a shadowy customer waiting somewhere in the Gotalot Shop – only trouble is, it’s the middle of the night and the shelves in the shop are mysteriously empty. Mad scientist in training, Professor Von StroopWaffell, has broken into the Gotalot Shop. He is after the elixir of life so that he can resurrect his dead pet chinchilla and prove himself worthy of the title, Senior Mad Scientist. But Sidney, Mr Gotalot and Ms Barnet are awoken by the burglar alarm. Ms Barnet is outraged to have been forced out of bed in her curlers and winceyette nightie and she wants another unusual creature for her collection. A Vanilla Chinchilla from Manila. Can Mr Gotalot help the Professor find what he needs to complete his experiment and get him out of the shop? And where will he find a chinchilla at this hour?

#4 – Santa School (January 2016)

It seems that a grumpy dwarf didn’t get everything on his Christmas list, and is visiting the Gotalot Shop to find something very special indeed. Muggins the dwarf has travelled to the Gotalot Shop all the way from Santa School in the North Pole. He’s not very good at his lessons, and the other elves are mean to him, so he’s after something to help him pass his exams. He needs some Christmas spirit. Mr Gotalot and Sidney are keen to help but Ms Barnet refuses. She is determined to turn the Gotalot Shop into her own megatastic giant cheese emporium; The Big Easy Cheesy. The Bulldozers are almost at the door. Will Ms Barnet’s evil scheme finally come to fruition? Why is there Game Show music playing in the shop? And just what is Sidney the shop boy’s completely awesome Christmas wish going to be?

#5 – The Great British Cheese Off! (May 2016)

It’s all excitement in the Gotalot Shop. Everyone is out in the garden where BUN Productions are filming the next cheesetastic episode of The Great British Cheese Off! But what’s this? A very unexpected customer is in the Gotalot Shop. It’s Ms Barnet, the horrible, cantakerous old landlady and she is after the bestest, most cheesiest cheese to enter into the highly prestigious cheese competition. She is determined to win as the contest is hosted by none other than her arch-nemesis, the super-perfect Hairy Mary Berry. But will Mr Gotalot be able to provide the ultimate, winning cheese – and will he want to help mean old Ms Barnet after all she’s done to him? Or will Hairy Mary Berry triumph over her old rival yet again? And what has Sidney the shop boy been doing in the North Pole??

“Original and hysterical. Can’t wait for the next one!” (Parent on The Great British Cheese Off, May 2016)

#6 – The Cheese Burglar! (January 2017)

WHODUNNIT? Mr Gotalot’s Gotalot Shop is now the scene of a particularly heinous crime… someone has burgled Ms Barnet’s lovely golden cheese and she wants the criminal mastermind brought to justice! Enter Detective Shirley Lock, the supremely smart private eye, who must deduce from a variety of mysterious clues just who the Cheese Burglar could be. Meanwhile, Sidney’s evil twin brother has come to stay for a holiday… Will Mr Gotalot and the gang be able to solve the crime before teatime? Just what exactly has happened to Ms Barnet’s precious golden cheese? Will Detective Lock find all of the vital clues? And how do you do a car chase in a theatre?? Join Mr Gotalot and the gang as they try to find out just WHO has stolen the golden cheese?

“Wow, absolutely genius! Kids loved it. Us parents loved it, funny, entertaining & mesmerizing.” (Parent on The Cheese Burglar, Jan 2017)

#7 – The Crystal Cheese (Sept / Oct 2017)

Tick-tock! Tick-tock! What has happened to the Gotalot Shop? That grumpy old landlady Ms Barnet has come to fetch her overdue rent, but Mr Gotalot and the Gotalot Shop aren’t there – they’ve VANISHED! The powerful and devious Time Master has hidden our favourite shopkeeper and his magical shop somewhere in time… and soon they will disappear FOREVER… Can Ms Barnet solve the Time Master’s fiendish riddles and save the Gotalot Shop? Can a cheese, crystal or otherwise, really harness the power of time travel? Will Mr Gotalot ever get back in time to pay his rent and have a cup of tea? And just how many over-eager shop boys called Sidney in the whole of history are there??

“Just fantastic fun and brilliant storytelling!” (Parent on The Crystal Cheese, Oct 2017)

Who will be the next fantastical customer in the shop? Find out in the next amazing Gotalot adventure.