A spa date can be as intimate or sexy as you want. Just make sure to have a few things on hand.

A relaxing at-home spa date can melt your partner’s stress away and provide an opportunity for you to intimately connect with them. Here’s how to do it!

Set the Scene

Few things are more romantic than a spa getaway. However, these trips are pricey and don’t always fit into busy schedules. Thankfully, you can recreate many of the elements of a spa date in your home.

Start with a clean space, then set the mood by dimming the lights and lighting some candles. Add a relaxing playlist and some soft scents that are soothing and calming.

You can also try a couple’s meditation session to practice mindfulness. You can find guided meditations on the internet, or you could do yoga together. It’s a great way to get some exercise, strengthen your bond, and relax together.

Soak in a Hot Bath

A hot bath is one of the easiest ways to create a spa-like atmosphere at home. You can add essential oils for a variety of benefits, from stress relief to promoting sleep.

Set the mood with some relaxing music in the background. Some couples like to play games while they soak, such as Truth or Dare or even Jackbox games.

Another favorite activity to do during a spa night at home is giving each other massages. This is an intimate and fun way to show your partner that you care about them.

Give a Massage

Getting a professional massage is an amazing experience. Often, it’s the best way to relieve stress and tension in the body. However, a day at the spa can be expensive and not always feasible for a busy couple.

A hand massage is an easy and effective way to pamper your partner. It’s also an intimate and wonderful way to connect with one another.

To make the massage more romantic, use light-scented oils such as lavender or rose essential oil to create a soothing and relaxing aroma. Then, dim the lights and play some peaceful instrumental music to help create a relaxing and sensual atmosphere.

Make a Smoothie

Even if your local spa is closed because of the coronavirus pandemic, you can still have a relaxing date at home. To make your night at-home feel like a real treat, you’ll want to set the stage by making sure your house is clean and the kids are in bed so you can enjoy some alone time.

Find a cozy room where you can relax, such as your bedroom or living room. Clear out any clutter and light some candles. Play relaxing music and turn on a diffuser with your favorite spa scent. Have some plush robes and slippers ready for you and your partner to wear.

Dress Up

A romantic spa night at home can be a fun and inexpensive date. It’s a great way to recharge your relationship and feel rejuvenated.

Keep in mind that the purpose of this at-home spa date is to have dedicated time for you and your partner without distractions. So, silence your phones and log off your social media accounts!

Dressing up for the occasion can help you get into the spirit of the night. Try putting on some soothing music and dressing up in a pair of plush robes or slippers. Also, don’t forget about some scalp massages! You’ll love how relaxed you both feel afterwards.

Have a Snack

It’s important to have a good snack during your at-home spa date. This can help set the mood and take your focus away from whatever else might be on your mind during this time. You could have things like strawberries, whipped cream, and chocolates ready to enjoy.

Consider having some bath bombs and/or a fun set of chocolate covered snacks to surprise each other with during your at-home spa date night. These can be a fun way to encourage each other to focus on self-care and have a little fun too! Having a fun way to earn “spa bucks” for performing simple tasks can also be a great way to keep your date engaged and feel special.